Nitrile Rubber modifiers for plastics

Paracril powder

paracril NBR for plastics powder

The Paracril “P” type products are mainly used to modify PVC and ABS
and these products provide a variety of key performance and processing characteristics in a number of applications. These include, but are not limited to, flexibility, permanent plasticization, and soft-touch (in PVC), modulus, and impact strength. These modifiers also provide resistance to oil, chemicals, and resilience in changing temperatures. They are produced by chemical crosslinking or conversion branched. The crosslinked grades have varying degrees of reduced mill shrink to as low as 5% versus linear grades of over 35% mill shrink. These grades offer benefits in thermoplastic modification for lower compression set and green strength improvement. Dynasol produces a range of Paracril Nitrile “P” powder rubber products with a particle size of 0.5 -1.0 mm depending on the product.

Paracril Spray Dried Powder

photo of paracril NBR spray dried powder

Paracril NBR “SD” Powder, typically <0.10 mm in size, is used in friction products.
The NBR for these applications is typically a higher acrylonitrile content, high viscosity
modifier primarily used to modify phenolic resins in brake pads, linings, or clutch facings. They provide excellent heat resistance and serve to reduce noise and vibration during the service life of friction materials The Paracril SD acts as a secondary binder that provides a higher coefficient of friction, antifading performance, plus fuel and oil resistance.

Nitrile Rubber for Adhesives Applications

Paracril Nitrile Rubber crumb and bale products

paracril NBR for adhesives crumb and bale products

Paracril is an ideal polymer for solvent-based cement for use where oil resistance and good adhesion characteristics are needed. By compounding with other polymers, resins, softeners, and curatives, the properties of the dried adhesive film can be adapted for a wide range of applications. The correct grades of Paracril can be easily solvated and have excellent stability, depending on the polymer breakdown, concentration, and solvent type. Paracril for adhesive applications is available in “crumb” form (6-12 mm size) for ease of dissolving, or in traditional “bale” form.

Product No Base Polymer A/O Type ACN % Mooney ML 1+4 @ 100C Pre-crosslinked Anticake Type Anticake Level % Particle size <mm
P3350CC2 33L50 NS 33 50 No CaCO3/CaSt 10 1
P3350CC BJLT M50 NS 33 50 No CaCO3 12.5 1
P3380CC1 BLT M80 NS 33 80 No CaCO3/CaSt 12.5 1
P33110C1 33.11 NS 33 110 (UML) No CaCO3/CaSt 12.5 1
P3380XP 33.80XL NS 33 80 High PVC 10 1
P3250XP 32.55XL NS 32 55 Partial PVC/CaSt 10.5 1
P7092P 33.55XL NS 32 47 High PVC/CaSt 9 0.6
SD3811 38115 NS 38 115 High Talc 9 0.1
SD3811C 38115 NS 38 115 High Talc 9 0.1
CV CLM NS 35 67.5 No PVC 10 12
CV80 CLM NS 35 80 No PVC 10 12
C3380CC BLT M80 NS 33 80 No CaCO3 8.5 6
P7083CR 32.55XL NS 32 55 Partial PVC/CaSt 8 6