Plastic Processing Additives

photo of intec sb 94 plastics processing additives

INTEC TECHNOLOGY FROM- ITPS (International Technical Polymer Systems)

ITPS-Inc’s Intec plastic additives are designed to significantly improve productivity and lower reject rates in a broad range of thermoplastic parts used in automotive and industrial markets. Applications of this technology include many molded and extruded parts. Therefore this technology helps reduce the supply chain costs of OE manufacturers for plastics products used in a final part or assembly. The product consists of a unique advanced material additive (Intec SB 94), that when added to plastics formulations can reduce mold cycle time and mold fouling, improve de-molding, improve extrusion rates and reduce scrap rates. All of these factors result in better productivity and lower part costs. Unlike many other additives, Intec technology functions with fewer negative effects on part property and performance.

photo of plastic processing additivesThe product line includes Intec SB 94 (a powder) and Intec SB94 MBP (in pellets) for thermoplastic resins such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, ABS, Nylon, and Polycarbonates.
For example, Intec SB 94 has significantly reduced injection molding cycle times with Polyolefins, PVC, Nylon, and ABS. In extrusion, with PVC, Polyolefins, and Nylon, Intec SB 94 has increased extrusion rates, lowered power draw (at equivalent rpm), and reduced die drag. These improvements were achieved through a combination of optimization of both the Intec level and process conditions.

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